Al-Kaabi chairs a meeting of the Parliamentary Crisis Cell with the Ministry of Health to discuss coronavirus concerns

The First Deputy Speaker and the head of the Parliamentary Crisis Cell Mr. Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi chaired an expanded meeting of the crisis cell with a number of senior officials in the Ministry of Health to discuss coronavirus concerns, and to provide full and immediate assistance and support to health institutions and the white army and came up with a number of important recommendations to face the pandemic.
The Crisis cell urged the government to secure enough beds for coronavirus patients and help overcome the bed shortage problem and also stressed the necessity of supporting oxygen generation plants and providing enough oxygen supply for patients.
The cell warned against sharing rumors and stressed holding accountable those spreading misinformation about the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines and called for raising awareness and intensifying media campaigns that aim to support the efforts of the authorities to encourage people to take the vaccine.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office

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