Al-Haddad calls on the Prime Minister to intervene immediately to end the illegal armed manifestations in Nineveh, and to secure protection and full freedom for election candidates in the Sinjar district, as guaranteed by the law and the instructions of the Electoral Commission.

In a statement issued by him, Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad, demanded today, Monday 4/10/2021, the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, for immediate intervention to end the illegal armed manifestations that imposed themselves illegally in the Sinjar district of Nineveh. And they prevented KDP candidates from entering the district in order to organize their campaigns and present their programs in their electoral districts, considering that these actions are an unacceptable transgression and against the law and the instructions of the Independent High Electoral Commission.

The Deputy Speaker of the Council strongly criticized the security authorities in the district for dereliction of duty and failure to protect the election candidates to practice their daily activities within their electoral districts and to carry out their propaganda campaigns for the upcoming parliamentary elections, Like the rest of the candidates of other parties and entities in the governorate, he called on all government agencies and security forces inside Nineveh to exercise their role towards all candidates and prevent tension and threats to a number of Kurdistan Democratic Party candidates, and this is unacceptable and will affect the stability of the governorate in general.


Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives
Monday 4 October 2021

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