Al-Halboosi receives representatives of health professionals in a number of provinces


The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi, on Wednesday, received representatives of the health professionals in a number of governorates and the President of the Nurses Syndicate and members of the administrative body of the Syndicate, in the presence of MP Khalid al-Geshami.

H.E. the Speaker said that medical staff of health professionals and nurses are the main base for the work of health institutions because of their great humanitarian services that contribute to raising the level of medical services in hospitals, health centers and clinics.

The Parliament Speaker listened to the demands of representatives of health professionals regarding the enactment of a new law that includes nurses, life medics and laboratory workers and integrating it into the law of the Syndicate of Nurses, which is under reading in the House of Representatives for approval, and their calling to unify the allocations for all health professionals and laboratories.

The representatives of the health professionals and the nurses syndicate expressed their gratitude for the attention of the Parliament to this important segment in the work of medical institutions.

Media Office
Of the Parliament Speaker
July 24, 2019

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